University of Tsukuba, Malaysia

Bachelor of Arts and Science
School of Transdisciplinary Science and Design

As the first Japanese university to establish a branch campus in Malaysia, we are committed to providing a Japanese-type higher education along with its traditions and contemporary practices through a cross-disciplinary curriculum based on Problem-Based Learning that reflects the academic standards and requirements of the home campus while embracing the uniqueness of its position as a Japanese/Malaysian initiative.

Important note for foreign nationals

If you are a foreign national (including those who are currently residing in Malaysia) and are considering applying for our programme, please contact the Academic Service Office at BEFORE you proceed with the application process.

Application Closed: School Recommendation Scheme

Second call for application: Aptitude-based Scheme

Aptitude-based scheme: Second call for application is now open!
11 Jun 2024

Ready to embark on your academic journey in Kuala Lumpur?

University of Tsukuba, Malaysia officially announces the second call for application openings for the 2024 September intake.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of UTMy’s community!